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iUridium Source v1.2 released!

I am happy to announce that version 1.2 of iUridium source is released and can be found on Source page. This update reflects app version update as is submitted to App Store.

Changes introduced in this version:
* New source package made using Xcode 4.2.1, cocos2d 1.0.1 and iOS SDK 5
* Solved Game Center integration bug
* Improved performances
* Smaller bug fixes
* Including internal app referrals to, new iUridium marketing partner

For all buyers of previous versions: updated version is available and update links have been sent to your email! .

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iUridium v1.2 update available on App Store

iUridium v1.2 includes the following:
– Solved Game Center integration bug
– Improved performances
– Smaller bug fixes
– Including internal app referrals to, new iUridium marketing partner



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Code Sign Error: Provisioning Profile can’t be found

After updating my Provision Profile, I start getting Code Sign Error when building it on the device. It drove me crazy. I just have found how to solve it and want to share it with you. So, basically it relates to manually update your Project .xcodeproj bundle.

1. Close all your instances of Xcode.

2. Make sure to back up your .xcodeproj bundle and/or your entire Xcode project, or make sure your Xcode project has a proper version control setup.

3. You should open your .xcodeproj bundle: Open your project folder in Finder, then Control-click on your .xcodeproj file and choose Show Package Contents. You will see there are several files. We are interested in project.pbxproj file.

4. Open project.pbxproj in a text editor.

5. Once you open it with a text editor the lines you are looking for should start with ‘PROVISIONING_PROFILE =’ or ‘PROVISIONING_PROFILE[sdk=iphoneos*] =’. Delete all these lines.

That’s it! I hope this may help someone….

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Top 10 People To Follow On Twitter If You Are Interested in Cocos2d

For new cocos2d users on Twitter, the toughest thing to figure out is who to follow. If may be helpful, here is my list of cocos2d and game developers on Twitter that rose to the top:

1. Ricardo Quesada
Key contributor to the open-source cocos2d for iPhone project
Twitter Handle: @cocos2d

2. Steffen Itterheim
Author of Learn iPhone and iPad Cocos2D Game Development (Apress). Currently working on Kobold2D, an improved Cocos2D.
Twitter Handle: @gaminghorror

3. Ray Wenderlich
Author of the most popular iOS/cocos2d tutorials
Twitter Handle: @rwenderlich

4. Rod Strougo
Author of cocos2d book.
Twitter Handle: @rodstrougo

5. Stepan Generalov
iTraceur game developer
Twitter Handle: @parkourDev

6. Martijn Thorig
Indie developer and owner of Small Gaming. Made Dropping and Terror and War.
Twitter Handle: @SmallGaming

7. Chris Wilson
Indie developer, creator of Super Turbo Action Pig
Twitter Handle: @abitofcode

8. Herman Jakobi
Founder of MinimaxGames
Twitter Handle: @hermanjakobi

9. Bogdan Vladu
Creator of LevelHelper and SpriteHelper, the popular tools for Cocos2d
Twitter Handle: @vladubogdan

10. Marco Neumann
Media composer, software developer, photographer, digital artist.
Twitter Handle: @marcotronic


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