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List of Open Source Cocos2d Projects, Extensions and Code Snippets

Here is my list of cocos2d open source games and programming resources for various purposes in cocos2d development. I hope it will help you to speed up learning and developing your games using this fantastic framework as it helped me making iUridium. I will keep updating this list so stay tuned..


(Last Update: 26.05.2012.)

Cocos2d itself: LINK

Kobold2d – Great wrapper around cocos2d providing some very nice out of the box solutions, made by Steffen Itterheim: LINK


(Last Update: 11.08.2013.)

List of open Source game projects on LINK

iLabyrinth game source: LINK

Tiny Wings Hills game source: LINK

Simple platform game using cocos2d and box2d with collision detection: LINK

Canabalt game source: LINK

Knight Fight isometric game source: LINK

PingPang multiplayer game source: LINK

Snake – open source game: LINK

TommyBros game (2 player platformer) source:LINK

Source code of iPad game Colorous: LINK

Strange Ocean game source – LINK

Felinity game source – LINK

Ghetto Bird (Angry Birds clone) source – LINK

Climbers game source – LINK

Tweejump game (DoodleJump like) source – LINK

Castle Hassle game source – LINK

Cloud Bomber game source – nice deformable terrain example project – LINK

Space Patrol game source – another nice deformable terrain example project using large map – LINK

Platform game Super Mario Bros tutorial including game source code – LINK

How to make game like Cut The Rope tutorial including game source code – LINK

How to make game like a Ragdoll with Chipmunk Physics & Cocos2d including game source code – LINK

How to make game like a Tower Defense including game source code – LINK

Sapus Tongue game source code – LINK

Heredox game source – LINK

iLabyrinth game source – LINK

Conway game of life simulation using cocos2d and TMX maps – LINK

iPokemon – a Pokemon/Pet Type Game Created using Cocos2D – LINK

How to Make a Game Like Jetpack Joyride tutorial including source code – LINK

Punchball, arcade boxing game with bluetooth multiplayer mode – LINK

How to Make a Game Like Reversi (classic board game) tutorial including source code – LINK

App Store published game “Be2 – Escape from Pingland” source code – LINK

How to Make a Game Like Tiny Wings tutorial including source code – LINK

Desert race – vertical scrolling car game source code – LINK

How to Make a Smashing monster game tutorial including source code – LINK

PacMan game source code LINK


(Last Update: 25.07.2013.)

Fantastic list of cocos2d extensions collected by Stepan Generalov: LINK

SneakyInput – cocos2d joystick implementation: LINK

ZJoystick – cocos2d joystick implementation: LINK

CCBlade – Fruit Ninja Blade effect implementation in cocos2d: LINK

CCAlertView extension: LINK

Scale9Grid – extension you may need for your pop-up dialogs: LINK

CCUIViewWrapper – wrapper for manipulating UIViews using cocos2D: LINK

CCMask extension: LINK

CCBumber (simple splash logo animation) and CCResouceAsyncLoader (easy class to asynchronous load your resources) extensions: LINK

Nice extension for resizing a large image before it get’s into the Texture cache: LINK

Two very nice extensions (CCProgressBar, CCSpriteHole): LINK

HKTMXTiledMap extension for large animated tile maps: LINK

Very nice iPad colour picker: LINK

Nice controls (NDControlGauge, NDControlButton, NDControlSlider): LINK

Very nice extension (CCControlExtension) providing Cocos2d Button, Slider and Color-picker: LINK

Nice particle system extension – ParticleSystemQuadMask:LINK

Very Nice cocos2d extension – Modal Alerts: LINK

Nice cocos2d particle extension for supporting both fade in and out – CCParticleSystemQuadExtended: LINK

Nice extension for creating transparent spritesheets (RGBA) from two JPG files: LINK

FacebookScorer: extension for posting your game scores to Facebook Wall – LINK

CCParallaxScrollNode: extension for repeating background/infinite parallax effect in cocos2d – LINK

iCloudIndicator: extension for showing if game can be resumed via iCloud – LINK

CCAsyncRemoteSprite: nice extension for loading Sprite image from the internet – LINK

CCLightFlash: nice extension for simulating light flash effect – LINK

PESprite – a CCSprite replacement for cocos2d that supports collision detection – LINK

CCPickerView – UIPickerView alternative for Cocos2D – LINK

CCTextField – nice cocos2d extension for replacing IUTextField – LINK

AWTextureFilter – cocos2d extension for applying a gaussian blur filter to your textures in cocos2D – LINK

NGNineGridSprite: A basic nine-grid sprite node for Cocos2D – LINK

CCSVG: A nice extension for loading, displaying and animating SVG images in Cocos2D – LINK

CCRotateAround: A nice extension for rotating sprite in circle – LINK

CCItemsScroller: A nice extension for horizontal and vertical scrolling in cocos2d – LINK

CCAutoType: A nice extension for RPG-like auto typing dialog – LINK

TSSpriteSheetManager: A nice extension for managing Sprite Sheets in your cocos2d game – LINK

Camera Layer: A complex camera movement simplifier – LINK

MenuLevel: nice extension for Angry Birds like menu level – LINK

CCNode-Screenshot: nice extension for making screenshots from within your cocos2d game – LINK

CCSlidingLayer: nice extension for sliding cocos2d layer – LINK

CCParticleSystem: extension of cocos2d particles – LINK

CCPanZoomController: extension for pinch, zoom in/out and pan-move layer – LINK

Collides2d: nice lightweight collision detection solution – LINK

CCLabelTable and CCLabelTableEditor: cocos2d table custom control – LINK

AScrollLayer – another interesting UIScrollView cocos2d alternative – LINK

CCVoHelper – extension adding VoiceOver (Accessibility) to cocos2d – LINK

CCButton – cocos2d extension of CCSprite adding touch handling – LINK

MenuLevel – Angry Bird Style menu – LINK

CCCaca – ASCII Art screen filter for Cocos2D – LINK

GPLoadingBar – loading bar example – LINK

BasicButton – nice and simple Button extension – LINK

PauseButton and PauseLayer – extension for pause/resume functionality in your cocos2d game – LINK

SSAnimation – several animation extensions – LINK

UIKitAimationPro – UIKit library allowing you to render tile maps and sprites like Cocos2D – LINK


(Last Update: 08.08.2013.)

Fantastic list of open source demo projects by @SuperSuRaccoon: LINK

Bubsy starting game project and procedural landscape solution: LINK

How to make underwater effect using cocos2d: LINK

Card3d – object with 3D chart appearance: LINK

How to preload game resources in loading scene: LINK

A* pathfinding algorithm: LINK

CocoParticle for helping creating Particles in cocos2d: LINK

Making a particle effect using a specific sequence of images such as a string of letters: LINK

Level selection scene source sample: LINK

Box2D driven cocos2d animation simulating 3D ball rolling: LINK

How to make glass breaking effect using cocos2d: LINK

How to make 2D soft shadows using pixel shaders: LINK

Nice code snippet for conversion of TMX polygon objects into box2d shapes for collision detection: LINK

Class for drawing a Verlet Rope using box2d: LINK

Very nice sample of creating flag effect for super hero cape: LINK

How to make deformable terrain effect:LINK

Awesome Progress Indicator HUD implementation:LINK

How to make water simulation for side-view games:LINK

Nice royalty-free music library by @MajesticMusic24: LINK

Nice example of flocking effect using cocos2d: LINK

Appirater – in-app rate/review reminder: LINK

Life saver if you are using GestureRecognizers with cocos2d: LINK

Coloring Flood Fill algorithm: LINK

Coloring Flood Fill cocos2d extension: CCSpriteFloodFill – LINK

Custom Slider sample (BBSlider) with tutorial – LINK

Nice solution for loading sound from memory into cocos2d’s SimpleAudioEngine – LINK

How to draw smooth lines using cocos2d – LINK

ABGameKitHelper – helper class for integrating cocos2d 2.0 with Apple’s GameKit API – LINK

ArtPig (Flash timeline style motion editor) Library for cocos2d – LINK

A tool that provides a fast way of reusing animations made in Flash CS in Cocos2D projects – LINK

Nice example of pre-loading game assets using plist file – LINK

Nice example of making local leaderboard using plists – LINK

A Magnifying Glass effect – LINK

How to pause and resume audio in cocos2d – LINK

ShareKit – open source, drop-in share features (Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, …) to add full sharing capabilities to your game – LINK

Nice solution for adding stroke effect around the letters – LINK

Very nice solution for making RPG-like text box in your game – LINK

Nice example of making fluid/goo effect using cocos2d – LINK

How to add night effect to your cocos2d game – LINK

Open source development framework for making e-book/diary games or apps – LINK

Awesome project showing how to build a depth map for your cocos2d game – LINK

How To Make A Game Like Fruit Ninja With Box2D and Cocos2D – LINK

Some useful tips and code snippets for pre-loading game assets with progress bar – LINK

Nice tutorial including source about how to make slide puzzle game – LINK

Open source project providing with iris style effect in cocos2d – LINK

Sample project showing you how to integrate BulletML (Bullet Markup Language; describing the barrage of bullets in shooting games) in cocos2d – LINK

Sample project serving as the starting point for a Train Game with free-form tracks – LINK

How to make simple fractal terrains in your cocos2d game – LINK

Great Buoyancy (water floating solution in Box2D) example for cocos2d – LINK

Nice custom cocos2d Action for rotating a sprite around an arbitrary point – LINK

Nice tutorial about integrating facebook with your cocos2d game including source code – LINK

Nice effects of animated lava, clouds, and water based on 3D perlin noise – LINK

CMMSimpleFramework – rich set of cocos2d 2.0 helper classes and utils: LINK

MBTileParser – a cocos2d-iphone compatible game engine written using pure UIKit: LINK

Nice tutorial with source code about Additive Coloring & Flash Style Tinting with cocos2d – LINK

Behavior Tree implementation in ObjectiveC – LINK

Great sample project of using pixel based destructible ground – LINK

Great tool which enables you to reuse your Flash CS animations in cocos2d – LINK

Nice sample project showing how to simulate Soft Body physics using box2d and cocos2d – LINK

Great tutorial about scrolling in cocos2d including sample project – LINK

Nice iPad maze generation game analysis with sample source code – LINK

Interesting open source project implementing waves simulation using shaders – LINK

Great open source project implementing cocos2d SPH (Smoothed-particle hydrodynamics) particle fluid dynamics solution with box2d interaction – LINK

Touch collision detection solution using PhysicsEditor – LINK

Nice pinch to reveal gesture (pinch to split a CCSprite in two sections) solution sample – LINK

Direct link to source package showing how to push cocos2d director modally on View Controller or Navigation Controller – LINK

PixelShatter – cool retro pixelated style explosion effect – LINK

iAd BannerViewController – LINK

Sample project showing Squash and Stretch Animation using cocos2d – LINK

HUMAStarPathfinder – A* pathfinding implementation for iOS and Mac – LINK

CargoManager – open source library that helps you implement IAPs for iOS apps in a simple and encapsulated way by using the by using the delegate pattern – LINK


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